Wholesaler of pharmaceutical products

Since August 2009, Astra Logistic Ltd. also acts as a wholesaler of medications, cosmetics and personal care products, and is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry.The company supplies medications from the world's leading manufacturers to pharmacies and medical facilities.

Licensed wholesale services for the pharmaceutical products distribution

  • Distribution / domestic market and export (including psychotropic medications) (License № L00051)
  • Production / instructions for use insertion, labeling and repackaging (special license № Rp - 42 / 8)

The company Astra Logistic Ltd. has received a special permit (license) for the production of medicines in accordance with the law of the Cabinet of Ministers № 313 " The procedure for licensing of pharmaceutical and veterinary-pharmaceutical activity "of 30.03.2010. This license, if necessary, allows us to produce repackaging, insertion or replacement of instructions for use and labeling for medications distribution (including psychotropic medications), food additives and medical products intended for humans.

The company's premises - new, clean, lighted, in good condition, equipped in accordance with current activities, as well as protected from entry of unauthorized persons. Installed cold-storage chamber, ensuring a certain temperature (between -18 ° and -30 ° C, +2 ° and +8 ° C and from +8 ° to +15 ° C).


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